About us

We design high quailty, sustainable, unique, green spiritual accessories & jewellery. 

: Accessories by LAM WING

L A M  W I N G  is established in Oct 2020 with launch of product THE BRA BAG from her BA Graduate Collection WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE JOHNSONS.
L A M  W I N G  focuses on accessories. She explores conceptualism with utility and details through emotions, as to arouse critical thinking and raise awareness on views of wearer and onlooker. Her products are details-focused, and aims to challenge concepts and to push boundaries of accessories and jewellery designs.
L A M W I N G 品牌建立於 2020  10 月,與頭號產品 THE BRA BAG(學士畢業作品系列:WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE JOHNSONS 中的作品)同步推出。
L A M W I N G 專注於配飾設計。產品注重細節,旨在挑戰傳統設計概念及突破配飾和珠寶首飾設計的界限。L A M W I N G 通過探索細膩情感中的細節和具有實用性的概念主義,以喚起和提高佩戴者與觀者之間的批判性思維和意識流動。

: Artisan jewellery by Adam Minusculave

A Damn Ave Minus with Culling A D A M  M I N U S C U L A V E is an artisan jewellery label with detailed elegant designs. Once being featured in VOGUE Hong Kong Magazine in Fashion - Hong Kongs Best Local Jewellery Brands”, recognizing us with unique yet subtle jewellery pieces and one of a kind designed ear cuffs
With launch of Vol. 02 : The Gaia Collection ,  we have re-orient our creative direction to spiritual life. We still deeply rooted with our founding creative philosophy A Damn Ave”, continue to explore simple but creative details with minimalism, and further combine our spiritual life learnings and energies within details. Through our simple yet delicate jewellery designs, we hope to deliver the whispers of Mother Earth and the Universe, to share our feelings and thoughts on spirituality, to draw out the beautiful world we have seen. Wishing us to feel the vibrations between ourselves and the world, to embrace our inner self, and to shine our own light.
A Damn Ave Minus with Culling A D A M  M I N U S C U L A V E 是一個手工珠寶首飾品牌。首飾設計精緻優雅,受到《VOGUE 香港》雜誌在時尚欄目《香港最佳本地珠寶品牌》以「獨一無二、富有設計感的耳骨夾」和「低調但獨特的珠寶首飾」介紹和報導我們的飾品。
我們以《 02:大地之母 - 蓋亞》系列為契機,將品牌的設計和創作方向定位至靈性生活上: 我們依舊深深紮根和堅守品牌創作理念「A Damn Ave」,繼續以極簡主義為中軸,探索簡單但具創造性的珠寶設計細節,並結合我們在靈性修行中的體會。透過簡約但精緻的飾品設計,細聲訴說地球母親和宇宙星辰的耳語,分享我們對靈性生活的想法和感受,描繪出我們看到的世界。願大家能感受到與世界之間的振動,願大家能拉近與靈魂的距離,願每每人間星群能夠散發屬於自己的獨特光芒。