Our specialties

Our specialties

We use fine quality S925 Recycled Sterling Silver and 14K Gold-Filled material from US and Italy for our jewellery.

Our S925 Recycled Sterling Silver jewellery uses fine silver material recycled from old silver pieces, with 92.5% pure Silver. S952 Sterling Silver is able to maintain its own unique shine for lifetime if takes care properly.

Our 14K Gold-filled jewellery is also known as Rolled Gold. Our 14K Gold-filled jewellery consists a soild layer of gold that is bonded permanently with heat and pressure to a brass metal. To the naked eye, our high quality 14K Gold-filled jewellery has the same appearance as solid 14K gold, and is far MORE durable than gold-plated jewellery, even with daily use.

我們的珠寶首飾是使用高品質美國及義大利 S925 再造純銀和 14K 包金材料製造(主要為美國高品質材料)。

我們的 S925純銀首飾是使用純92.5% 銀的再造純銀精銀材料(通常用於珠寶首飾行業)。如果保養得當,S952 純銀能夠一直保持自己獨特的光澤。

14K 包金首飾是由一層固體黃金與黃銅金屬(使用熱量和壓力)永久結合而成。在肉眼觀看下,我們的高品質 14K 包金首飾的外觀與純 14K 黃金相同,而且即使在日常使用下,遠比鍍金首飾更耐用。


What makes our accessories and jewellery special?


We uphold fair trading. We partnered with NGO factory for production. No one is exploited in making of our products.

We uphold sustainability. Quality materials are sourced to ensure high durability of our products. We use high quality end of rolls fabric and trimmings for our accessories. Our artisan jewelleries are handmade and handcrafted, with S925 Recycled Sterling Silver and 14K Gold filled materials are used in making of our jewellery.


我們堅持可持續發展。我們嚴選高品質材料,以確保我們的產品達到高耐用的特性。我們使用高品質的捲末布料和配件。我們的手工珠寶首飾使用S925再造純銀和 14K 包金材料。